6 Resources for Starting a Mentorship Program

A mentor and mentee exchange ideas during a mentoring program.

Mentorships have the potential to increase diversity, strengthen leadership pipelines, and improve employee retention — and employees agree. For example, 76% of people think mentors are important. However, only 37% of people currently have one, according to Forbes

To give you some inspiration and practical tips for kickstarting a mentorship program at your organization, we’ve compiled a list of helpful resources.

When to Coach, When to Mentor

When it comes to investing precious L&D dollars, knowing which kind of leadership development program your organization needs — coaching, mentoring, or both — is essential. Iyad Uakoub, senior director of behavioral science, explains the benefits and objectives of each, and how a blended approach can accelerate leadership development.

Leadership Live: Christina Pinckney

Leadership Experience Program Manager at Workday, Christina Pinckney, speaks with Christine Tao on how mentorship and sponsorship differ from one another but complement each other. Both are instrumental in opening doors for historically underrepresented groups. Christina shares her experience in building these programs and the lessons she’s learned, including shaping behaviors and expectations that support your organization’s objectives.

Elevating Mentoring Programs with Software Designed to Develop

In this product demo webinar, Senior Director of Behavioral Science Iyad Uakoub and Senior Director of Engineering Matt Hildenbrand walk through how Sounding Board’s dynamic development platform simplifies the process of building and managing your mentorship programs. The software seamlessly integrates multiple leadership development programs, including mentorships and coaching, all in one platform.

You Need Great Leaders. Should You Coach, Mentor, or Both?

What business problem are you trying to solve through leadership development? Senior Director of Behavioral Science Iyad Uakoab explores the subtleties between coaching and mentoring for HR.com and when to use each approach.

Comparing Coaching, Training, and Mentoring

Do you know the key differences between training and mentoring? What about horizontal and vertical development? Learn them here in this article from ATD by co-founder and author Lori Mazan.

Coaching or Mentoring: Arming Leaders with the Support They Need

Author of Leadership Revolution: The Future of Developing Dynamic Leaders Lori Mazan shares her personal experience with both mentors and coaches, drawing insights from both.

Do you have a mentorship program at your organization? What tips and advice would you give to other HR and learning leaders looking to start their own? Let us know!

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