On-Demand Coaching Module

Support your leaders need — when they need it

On-demand coaching allows leaders to lean on an outside perspective when they need it most. Sounding Board’s software makes it easy for organizations to add on-demand coaching to their leadership development.

On-Demand Coaching 1
On-Demand Coaching 2

Skip the wait

Enable leaders to get the coaching support they need in between regularly scheduled sessions.

Virtual Model

Virtual sessions allow for faster response times for in-the-moment coaching.

Confidential, Unbiased Support

Empower leaders to make effective decisions with the support of an on-demand coach.

Real-time Messaging

Leaders can message their coach between sessions — anytime.

Choice of Coaches

Utilize your internal coaching roster or third-party coaches.

Solve Challenges in Real-time

Leaders can schedule on-demand coaching when they need extra support tackling current challenges.

Continuous Development

Coaching supports and activates knowledge gained from other development programs.

Dynamic Leader Development Suite

With on-demand coaching, you’ll gain access to our award-winning software — the most flexible solution on the market.

Develop leaders at all levels

Provide on-demand coaching to employees at every level easily and affordably through the Dynamic Leader Development Suite.

Measure business impact

Link development programs to business impact. Track development and progression towards goals, and link these to impact and business outcomes.

On-Demand Coaching 3

Bridge the Leadership Gap

Bridge leadership gaps with the most flexible, customizable solution on the market.