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Activate knowledge with group coaching

Ensure the knowledge your leaders learn through training is retained and applied. Make your investment in leadership development go further with group coaching tailored to your existing L&D programs.
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Knowledge retention and application

Ensure your investment in leadership development makes a lasting impact. Group coaching enables leaders to apply knowledge gained in training, resulting in better retention rates and greater impact.

Virtual Model

Allow leaders to join in from any location.

Activation + Integration

Engagements include two coaching sessions per training module.

Real-time Messaging

Leaders can chat with other group members and their coach at any time.

Must-Have Conversations

Content topics are designed around your existing training programs.

Right-sized Groups

Smaller groups allow for greater impact — only 6 to 10 leaders in each group.

Measurable Growth

Measure and track progress through survey tools.

Simplify program management

Leadership Studios includes our award-winning program management software, which allows you to build, scale, measure, and track your leadership development programs all from one platform — so you can see impact quickly.

Enjoy greater ROI on training programs

When knowledge is applied shortly after it has been gained, it’s better retained. Group coaching provides the space to activate and apply knowledge from training sessions.

Measure growth and outcomes

Track individual members’, as well as the group’s overall progress through survey tools, proprietary data, and insights only found through one dashboard.

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Enhance leadership development with group coaching

Group coaching programs offer distinct benefits.

Learn and practice new capabilities

Leaders can practice new ways of thinking within the group, and the coach can provide insight in real-time — accelerating growth and shifting behavior quickly.

Invite diverse leadership perspectives

Allows leaders of different generations, ethnicities, identities, and functions to share and explore leadership practices within a safe space — driving innovation across social and organizational boundaries.

Create a support network

The benefit of group coaching can go beyond the engagement itself, as leaders build connections and trust in cross-functional peers.

Increase accountability

Instead of an employee being accountable to a single coach, they are held to account by their group members too — empowering leaders to become agents of change.

Bridge the Leadership Gap

Bridge leadership gaps with the most flexible, customizable solution on the market.