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Develop Dynamic Leaders Now! Well into the 21st century, organizations still rely on leadership models and development techniques based on outdated methodologies . It’s time to revolutionize leadership development. Drawing on over 25 years of coaching experience, Lori Mazan, co-founder and Chief Coaching Officer of Sounding Board, offers talent development, learning leaders, managers, and executives a practical strategy guide for shaping the next generation of leaders.

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Lori Mazan is the co-founder, president, and chief coaching officer for Sounding Board, the first Dynamic Leader Development Suite designed to bridge the leadership gap.

One of the first 250 ICF-certified coaches globally, she has spent more than 25 years coaching C-suite executives in developing critical leadership capabilities that have immediate, positive business impact.

Lori has coached leaders in top companies such as Chevron, Sprint, and Citibank, as well as venture-backed high-growth companies like Intellikine, Tapjoy, and 10XGenomics.

In 2016, Lori partnered with her previous executive coaching client Christine Tao to launch the Sounding Board Dynamic Leader Development Suite, with the vision of empowering organizations to develop leaders at all levels by eliminating key barriers such as limited access, lack of measurement, unsuccessful coach selection as well as reducing costs. The Suite combines solution design, adaptive software, people-to-people development, and measurable data and insights.

Recent Podcasts
This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to make 1-1 coaching approachable for all of us. My guest is Christine Tao, Co-founder & CEO at Sounding Board.
Today’s business environment is marked by rapid shifts in how we work and learn, and businesses across industries need effective leaders who can guide their teams into the future. However, developing leaders who can succeed despite these shifts isn’t easy. Fortunately, leadership — just like any other skill — can be learned through ongoing training and development.
In this HRchat episode Christine Tao, co-founder & CEO at Sounding Board, joins me to discuss why it’s a great time to adopt new coaching methods in your organization.
Sounding Board CEO and Co-founder Christine Tao joins us for an in-depth look at how coaching can transform leaders and employees. We discuss how the market has changed for leadership coaches and the skill of coaching as well as the biggest myths around leadership coaching.
Now more than ever, it’s important for HR leaders to leverage engagement and retention strategies to keep and grow the talent they have. One proven approach is leadership coaching.
Christine Tao is the Co-founder and CEO of Sounding Board, a venture-backed startup that recently raised $30 million in Series B funding and has grown four-fold over the past 12 months. Sounding Board’s mission is to help companies develop impactful leaders by leveraging AI-powered pairing technology with a network of leadership coaches.

"Leadership Revolution offers a modern, innovative approach to developing the dynamic leaders companies need to succeed today."

Structured like a coaching engagement, Leadership Revolution walks you through the leader development journey with insightful questions, development exercises, examples, and practical advice.

Part One:


Move beyond the superficial and discover what you truly want to achieve as a leader. By asking thought-provoking questions, leaders can uncover their intentions and their true impact.

Part Two:


From breakdowns to breakthroughs, leadership development produces its own challenges. Leaders can learn to create an environment that embraces failure as a catalyst for growth, encourages continuous learning, and fosters resilience within their teams.

Part Three:


Without context, the impact of leadership development will be limited. Understand how personalized leadership development, such as coaching, can add the necessary context to drive lasting change.

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This book is a must-read for those seeking to shape the next generation of leaders and break free from outdated methodologies. We encourage bulk orders to ensure that your entire organization benefits from the valuable insights and strategies this transformative resource shares.


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Attend a virtual fireside chat workshop with Lori Mazan on “How to Build a Dynamic Team”, plus free access to Sounding Board’s mentoring software for 3 months when you order 500 copies.


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Receive five executive group coaching sessions with a Sounding Board coach, plus free access to Sounding Board’s mentoring software for 6 months when you order 1,000 copies.

Gain inspiration on how to improve your leadership development strategy.
Lori Mazan shares concepts from her book, and is joined by fellow thought leaders including Wes Kubik, VP at HUB International and Bernhard Ries, the former Senior Executive Coach and Corporate Strategist at Intel Corporation to dive deep into the future of developing dynamic leaders, and how Intel built an ICF award winning coaching program.

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