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Develop dynamic leaders with our proven approach to development. We’ve built The Sounding Board Way on behavioral science and decades of coaching experience.
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Tomorrow’s Success Demands Dynamic Leaders

Dynamic leaders provide the adaptability necessary to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. They’re able to apply their leadership capabilities and skills within the context of the moment, ensuring that their organizations continue to evolve and thrive in a disruptive global market.
Dynamic leaders bridge leadership gaps and help companies excel in talent development, recruitment, capacity building, goal alignment, and mission-critical initiatives such as promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Sounding Board Way

Our approach creates dynamic leaders, capable of applying capabilities within context — of their role, their team, the organization, its goals, and its challenges.

Coach first.
Leaders experience coaching within the first session and throughout the engagement, immediately creating value and increasing their commitment to the process. We leverage our technology to engage in a discovery process with leaders and their managers in advance of the first coaching session. This approach also builds trust quickly between leaders and coaches, as it eliminates any ambiguity about what the coaching process will be like moving forward.
Develop the person in the context of their leadership.
Our coaches meet leaders where they are and maintain focus on the individual’s development as a leader. They coach all aspects and identities of the person with a focus on how these show up and impact them in the workplace. Through situated learning and goal alignment focused on leadership, leaders are able to integrate new and enhanced capabilities into their daily activities.
Shift the thinking to sustain behavior change.
Our coaches help leaders change the way they perceive their role, themselves, and the challenges they face. By shifting their mindsets first, leaders are able to learn, adopt, and sustain the behaviors needed to more effectively lead — and adapt those practices to whatever challenges they’ll face in the future.
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Boldly level up the leader.
Leaders are encouraged to ‘level up’ their leadership capabilities to lead themselves, lead others, and lead for impact. Coaches challenge leaders to move from their comfort zone into their learning zone, providing just enough difficulty to stretch their existing capabilities in order to strengthen them.
Elevate the leader’s organizational impact.
Our coaches work with leaders to set goals that are two-dimensional — impacting both the individual and the organization. Then managers and administrators can track progress and growth — and provide feedback — through our software.
Illuminate the leader’s development through technology.
Sounding Board coaches leverage our all-in-one coaching management software to facilitate sessions and support the leader in tracking their development and progress. Coaching through phone or video-conferencing has proven to be as effective as in-person sessions, and is more cost-effective and efficient for your organization.

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