1:1 Coaching for Individual Contributors

Help high-potential individual contributors discover the leader within.

Engage and retain top talent with one-on-one coaching.
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Design your next generation of leaders

Strengthen Your Leadership Pipeline

By developing individual contributors now, your company becomes better prepared to fill oncoming leadership gaps in the future.

Create Dynamic Leaders for an Uncertain Future

Our coaches work with individual contributors to build the foundational mindsets and capabilities needed for adaptive leadership.

Create Alignment Between Your Leadership Needs and Your Talent Development Initiatives

We work to design your individual contributor coaching program with a focus on your organizational goals and desired outcomes.

Engage and Retain Top Talent

Ensure high-potential individual contributors remain on your roster by investing in their career development

Turn top talent into trusted influencers

Challenge individual contributors to build out key mindsets and capabilities that empower them to influence and lead from their current position.

The Right Coaches

Coachees are expertly matched to coaches using our proprietary algorithm, accelerating development and ensuring high engagement.

Bi-Monthly Sessions

Engagements typically last a maximum of four months, and sessions are scheduled every other week.

Virtual Model

Virtual sessions integrate seamlessly into workflows.

Real-time Messaging

Individual contributors can message their coach between sessions — anytime.

Manager Alignment

Managers can receive insights into each employee’s development and give feedback at key points in the coaching.

Personalized Plan

Our Leadership Roadmap™ feature allows individual contributors to track their development and capture results.

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Enjoy all-in-one program management

Sounding Board’s software powers all of our coaching services. Our software allows you to build, scale, measure, and track all of your individual contributor programs all within one platform.

Develop Leaders At All Levels

Get the most from our leadership coaching by developing leaders at every level of your organization. Scale your leadership coaching program easily with our Leader Development Platform.

Target Mission-Critical Initiatives

Develop the future leaders of your business to towards your organizational goals and initiatives — from making strategic decisions and managing change, to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Bridge the Leadership Gap

Bridge leadership gaps with the most flexible, customizable solution on the market.