One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Future-proof your business with dynamic leaders

We offer one-on-one coaching for individual contributors, new and mid-level managers, as well as executives — and we customize our approach for each level of leadership.
1:1 Coaching 1

Upgrade leadership on an individual level

Through our one-on-one leadership coaching, your leaders can enhance key capabilities and increase capacity to drive lasting business impact.

Virtual Model

Virtual sessions integrate seamlessly into the flow of the workday, with optionality for leaders to meet by phone or videoconference.

Bi-Monthly Sessions

Schedules are designed to allow time to achieve goals, while maintaining accountability.

Real-Time Messaging

Leaders can message their coach between sessions — anytime.

Manager Alignment

Managers can receive insights into each leader’s development and give feedback at key points.

The Right Coaches

Through our automated process, leaders are matched to the right coach who encourages, stretches, challenges, and inspires.

Personalized Plan

Our Sounding Board Leadership Roadmap™ feature allows leaders to track development and capture results to show the evolution of their development.

Coaching for leaders at all levels

Sounding Board offers one-on-one coaching for each stage of the leadership lifecycle, from high-potential individuals to the C-suite.

High-Potential Individual Contributors

Develop top talent to maximize their influence and prepare them for the next level of leadership.

New Managers

Ease the transition from individual contributor to first-time manager by providing leadership development to new managers.

Mid-Level Managers

Give the support and resources middle managers need to ensure your organization's continued success.


Enhance capabilities at the C-suite to drive greater outcomes and lasting impact.

1:1 Coaching 2
1:1 Coaching 3

Develop leaders
The Sounding Board Way

We’ve combined decades of coaching experience and behavioral science to create the most effective approach to leadership development.

Coach first

Our coaches build trust with leaders quickly by coaching from the very first session — accelerating their development from the start and building relationships through the work.

Boldly level up the leader

Leaders are challenged to leave their comfort zone and move into their learning zone, stretching their capabilities in order to strengthen them.

Develop the person in the context of their leadership

From situated learning to contextual application, leaders develop the capabilities needed to think and act effectively — and apply them to current challenges in real-time.

Shift the thinking to sustain behavior change

Our coaches go deep to uncover the mindsets driving behaviors, and to shift them. This focus on uncovering and understanding the underlying mindsets leads to sustained behavioral changes vs rote practice.

Bridge the Leadership Gap

Bridge leadership gaps with the most flexible, customizable solution on the market.