Professional Coaching

Accelerate Your Development

Take the lead with direct access to a certified, professional leadership coach dedicated to supporting you as you work towards your goals.

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"This is my 4th time in my professional career engaging in a formal coaching relationship and I can without hesitation share that this has been the most effective in helping me to identify immediate opportunities to positively affect the way I work and show up as a leader. This has been a truly insightful and enjoyable journey to date."
- Executive Sounding Board Coachee

Dedicated 1:1 Leadership Coaching

We’ve combined decades of coaching experience and behavioral science to create the most effective approach to leadership development.

3 or 6 Month Engagements

Offering flexible options of 3 or 6 months based on your specific leadership development goals.

Gain Access to A World-Class Coach

Partner with someone who’s been there. Sounding Board’s global network of certified coaches on average possess over 7 years of leadership experience, many serving in senior leadership and C-suite positions. We 100% guarantee your satisfaction with your assigned coach. That is how much we believe in our team of coaches!

Take Ownership of Your Development

Work with your coach on the leadership goals and capabilities most important to you, your organization, and your career. Use leadership coaching to:

Experience Immediate, Lasting Impact

Expand your mindset and make real behavioral changes while up-leveling your capabilities and capacity.

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Get the Most Out of Your Coaching Experience

Our easy-to-use software takes the guesswork out of tracking your progress, while providing access to invaluable resources, scheduling, and chat features.

Virtual Model

Integrate phone or video conference sessions seamlessly into the flow of your workday.

AI-Powered Coach Matching

Get matched to the right coach who encourages, stretches, challenges, and inspires you. With an AI-powered, human-confirmed matching process, we stand behind the quality of our coach matching experience.

Our coachees have a 97% satisfaction rate with their first matched coach. For those 3% that do not, we have a 100% coach rematch success rate and are happy to rematch you with a new coach so you can find the coach that’s the best fit for you.

Personalized Plan

Our Sounding Board Leadership Roadmap feature allows you to track development and capture results to show the evolution.

Resources Curated for You

Build a library of resources with your coach— all hyper personalized to exactly the goals you want to achieve.

How It Works

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Tell Us About You

Answer a few questions about your work style, developmental goals, and current leadership capabilities. We’ll use this information to match you with the right coach and structure your engagement.

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Match with Your Coach

We use our AI-powered algorithm to pinpoint the right coach who can challenge you out of your comfort zone and into your learning zone. We match based on your: Work Style, Leadership Level, Geographic Location, Language Preferences, Organizational Function.

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Your First Session

Easily schedule your first coaching session within the Sounding Board software. We coach from the first session, so you can accelerate your development from the get-go!

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Track Your Growth

Use our Leadership Roadmap™ feature to create goals and track your development and progress to becoming a more effective leader.

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Make the Big Leap

Don’t wait for the opportunity for coaching to come to you. Elevate your capacity to drive business impact with anytime, direct access to leadership coaching.