Elevate Mentoring Programs with Software Designed to Develop: A Dynamic Product Webinar

Leadership development has evolved to be an increasingly dynamic and interconnected journey. Organizations need flexible, comprehensive solutions that nurture leaders at every stage of their development.

According to Gallup, employees with a mentor are twice as likely to be engaged and 98% more likely to strongly agree that they would recommend their organization as a great place to work. Yet, only 40% of employees report having a mentor in the workplace.

Join us for an engaging webinar where you can experience firsthand how Sounding Board’s Mentoring Software revolutionizes leadership development. We’ll showcase how our solution can seamlessly support mentoring and coaching on one system. Drawing inspiration from functionality designed for coaching, we’ve built our mentoring software with the intention to profoundly impact a leader’s development.

This webinar will help you:

  • Understand the benefit of mentoring programs in supporting leaders through today’s dynamic business environment.
  • Explore the impact of mentoring designed for development– not just as an employee benefit.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how Sounding Board’s Mentoring Software can help build, scale, and manage mentoring initiatives.
Elevate Mentoring Programs with Software Designed to Develop: A Dynamic Product Webinar 1
Iyad Uakoub

Senior Director of Behavioral Science, Sounding Board

Iyad Uakoub leads behavioral science at Sounding Board. His mission is to connect science to practice and tell evidence-based stories to fuel the company’s growth. He led L&D and People programs for three multibillion-dollar tech startups and designed nationally recognized coaching and data insights interventions at Stanford, Purdue, and the UN. He did his master’s and doctoral research in organizational behavior, management, and psychology at Purdue, USF, and Harvard. Iyad is also a fellow at the Harvard Institute of Coaching, a Fulbright scholar, and a certified coach.
Elevate Mentoring Programs with Software Designed to Develop: A Dynamic Product Webinar 2
Matt Hildenbrand

Senior Director of Engineering, Sounding Board

Matt Hildenbrand is the Senior Director of Engineering at Sounding Board. With nearly two decades of experience, Matt has dedicated his career to crafting exceptional digital experiences for both mobile and web platforms. His enduring passion lies in nurturing and leading high-performing teams, channeling his expertise into mentoring and fostering innovation.

Matt firmly believes that the synergy between design, product development, and engineering is the cornerstone of creating remarkable online experiences. Over the years, he has fine-tuned his ability to bridge the gap between these disciplines, driving projects to excellence through seamless collaboration.

Beyond the realm of coding and leadership, Matt finds his solace in the great outdoors. Whether he’s exploring a tranquil forest path, tackling challenging mountain bike trails, or enjoying a leisurely game of disc golf, nature is where he rejuvenates his spirit. His love for these activities not only renews him but also serves as a wellspring of inspiration for his work.

With a career steeped in technology and a heart deeply connected to the natural world, Matt continually seeks harmony between innovation and the serene beauty of our planet.

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