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We invest in coaches who invest in us

Our coaches are part of our company. We aim to live our mission and values each day with our coaches. And, our coaches help us grow and evolve in our delivery of leadership coaching.
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Who are Sounding Board Leadership Coaches?

We partner with expert coaches who combine top notch coaching, business acumen and organizational savvy to truly become our clients’ leadership “Sounding Board.” Our coaches are industry certified and meticulously vetted through a 3-step qualification process, as well as a live coaching demo. To support their success, coaches receive ongoing guidance and development throughout the coaching life cycle.

Sounding Board coaches invest in the integration of their coaching with our technology to illuminate the outcomes and results of coaching to the sponsoring organizations.

Experienced leaders

Because we coach leaders at all levels within our customer organizations, Sounding Board coaches are experienced leaders and understand the trajectory for leadership growth and development over time.

Certified coaches

We hire coaches certified through an accredited coaching certification program from organizations such as the International Coach Federation (ICF) or EMCC Global with superior coaching skills.

Experienced leadership coaches

Sounding Board coaches bring experience coaching leaders, many in multinational organizations, through various modalities, including individual, group, and team coaching. 

Committed to growth

Because we invest in the professional development of our coaches, Sounding Board coaches are committed to continuously expanding their coaching capabilities, in community with others.


Sounding Board coaches have a desire to be active, contributing members of a global leadership coach community.

The Benefits of becoming a Sounding Board Coach

Whether you are a new leadership coach looking for a launching off point for your business, a mid-career leadership coach looking to connect with a vibrant, experienced global leadership coach community, or a seasoned executive coach looking for that optimal mix of corporate connection and flexibility, we partner with you to deliver our brand of tech-enabled leadership coaching with proven results.
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Unlock Premium Leadership Coaching Opportunities and Enhance Your Experience

Enhance your coaching experience by associating with a premium leadership coaching organization and gain access to leadership coaching opportunities that you may not have access to privately.

Advance Your Coaching Skills

Elevate your coaching skills by taking advantage of ICF-accredited CCEU growth opportunities.

Inclusive Global Coach Community

Gain insights from our experienced and inclusive global coach community by participating in a variety of community-led events designed for coaches.

Business Growth

Build your business on a foundation of consistent coaching work while receiving competitive compensation.

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Mid-Career Leadership Coach

Coach Community

Connect with an experienced leadership coach community as “co-workers,” while balancing your private business

Challenge Yourself with Coachees from Top Enterprise Organizations

Stay challenged with a mix of coachees from top enterprise organizations that you may not have the opportunity to work with privately

Knowledge Sharing

Lead and join free professional development sessions within the leadership coaching community to share knowledge and gain insights.

Competitive Compensation

Supplementing your private business with competitive compensation can provide a consistent foundation of earnings to support your growth and success.

Seasoned Leadership Coach

Co-Creating Professional Growth

Continue to grow professional capabilities with other like-minded trained coaches

Building Value for Coaches' Growth

Remain engaged with the corporate world by contributing to the development of valuable resources for our coaches and Sounding Board.

Balanced Coaching Workload

Achieve a balanced coaching workload by working with coachees who are further along in their careers while enjoying the flexibility to manage your time effectively.

Focus Your Time on Coaching

Shift your focus towards coaching and away from selling your private coaching business to maximize your growth potential and enhance the quality of your services.

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Bridge the Leadership Gap

Bridge leadership gaps with the most flexible, customizable solution on the market.