In-Demand Skills That Companies Want From HR Staff

The skills required in the workplace keep on changing due to evolving technological solutions. As such, the skills that were relevant yesterday cannot serve the workplace effectively today. Therefore, organizations can look at the skillset that top HR firms are demanding as an indicator of emerging and expiring skills. Subsequently, firms should learn about these emerging trends and tilt their training investment in favor of these skills.

Here’s an explainer about the top HR skills. Each section represents the different HR roles, with subsections containing information on the in-demand skillset.

1. HR Specialists

Ninety-eight percent of S&P 100 companies hired human resource specialists in 2018, making it an in-demand role. The specialist role varies from one firm to another and includes a talent acquisition partner, technical recruiter, or sourcing team member. Many organizations required CRM skills as a prerequisite for the role; surprisingly, it’s no longer an in-demand skill. Top organizations are now shifting their focus and investment to legal compliance.

Here’s a breakdown of the current skill demand for this role:

Legal Compliance

Top organizations are now spending more money developing the capacity of HR specialists in legal compliance. It’s essential to avert potential liability due to unfair labor practices and compensation.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a game-changer in multiple fields and industries. As a result, top organizations are demanding and growing this skill because it’ll make the hiring process productive and efficient.

Full Life Cycle Recruiting

It’s a unique skill that encompasses the entire talent acquisition process, from the advertising stage to onboarding. The skillset seeks to improve candidate experience, boost accountability, and yield better results.

2. HR Managers

HR managers are equally essential to top organizations. The different job titles include HR generalist, HR director, or HR business partner. Below is a list of the emerging skillset for this role:

Data Mining 

A human resource director with data mining skills can tap on the human resource database to improve the organization. The result of data mining can transform a workforce through better decision-making, improved employee satisfaction, and efficient talent acquisition.

Information Security

There’s a constant cybersecurity threat from employees and external actors. Therefore, organizations are investing in developing this skill to improve HR’s ability to manage risks, formulate and interpret data security policies.   

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is an emerging solution for managing employees, so top firms are investing in the skill. The application facilitates managers to onboard, manage leave and attendance, communicate, and simplify the recruitment process.

Six Sigma

Besides the hard skills, top organizations are investing in the development of a Six Sigma professional. HR managers with six sigma skills such as communication skills, leadership, positive attitude, or management skills can effortlessly navigate complex scenarios.

3. Training and Development Specialists

Most top companies are hiring training and development specialists, making it among the top sought HR roles. The related job titles include team trainer, organizational development specialist, and learning environmental specialist.   

Even though leading organizations are decreasing demand for skills such as Adobe Captivate or technical support, they’re now shifting their focus on QMS and dashboard metrics. Here is a list of the top skills in this role in detail:

Quality Management System (QMS)

The role of the quality management system is to enhance employee development using set standards. Organizations are therefore investing in this skill to enhance the continuous growth of quality employees.

Dashboard Metrics

As an organization invests in training and development, they’re also interested in measuring the impact. As such, they’ve shifted their focus on ensuring key staff can interpret and apply crucial metrics like overall labor effectiveness, absenteeism, training costs, and so forth.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce has transformed businesses through better knowledge of customers, improved segmentation, the anticipation of needs, and communication. Organizations have subsequently increased the demand for the skill to boost the capacity and ability of the sales department.

4. HR Assistants

Any human resource department requires several human resource assistants to function well. Some of the associated job titles include recruiting assistant, HR executive assistant, or HR technician. Here are a few emerging skills that top organizations are demanding:

Data Validation

HR assistants are in charge of daily operations, which is why data validation skill is vital. That said, organizations are investing in its development to improve data accuracy in hr databases and processes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies have a moral obligation to give back to society. The need to give back is gaining popularity in issues affecting humanity such as climate change, minority rights, or mental health initiatives. As such, organizations are looking to develop CSR skills and internal capacity in their workforce.

Business Insights

The ability to understand business insights is critical in taking advantage of opportunities. Therefore, top organizations are working to develop complementary skills, e.g., analytical thinking, detail-oriented, problem-solving, and being inquisitive. As a result, HR assistants can use data to advise organizations on potential opportunities.

5. Training and Development Managers

Training and development managers include talent development advisors, leadership development managers, or integration managers. While other organizations are increasing the demand for Learning Management System skills, top organizations are moving away. Here are some of the skills that top organizations are demanding for this role:

Integrated Marketing

There’s the need to harmonize the marketing messages and brand experience across all channels in the current digital age. Top organizations are investing and demanding integrated marketing skills for better cost management, reducing confusion, and maintaining focus in their sales drives.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality(VR) is one of the in-demand technological innovations that many industries have adopted. As a result, organizations are demanding this skill from training and development managers to reduce training costs by applying VR.

Earned Value Management (EVM)

EVM is another in-demand skill that is vital in project management. For example, an integration manager with this skill uses data or trend analysis to integrate schedule, costs and concurrently measure performance.

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