Leaders Need to Belong Too: Use Group Coaching to Create Workplace Belonging at Scale

In 2021, Deloitte found that 79 percent of organizations said that fostering a sense of belonging in their workforce was important or very important to the organization’s success, but only 13 percent were ready to address the need. Yet, belonging is the one metric that was found to be consistently and universally tied to a person’s workplace commitment, motivation, and pride, and it’s essential for employee adaptability and well-being.

Many talent leaders wonder how to bridge the gaps between what they know their leaders need, the urgency they need to provide it, and how best to do that. Group coaching for leaders is emerging as a valuable strategy for talent development at all levels, and it can be an effective avenue to foster a culture of belonging within organizations as well. In this webinar, we will explore the direct and indirect cost to organizations, teams, and employees that don’t have a sense of belonging, the importance and impact of leaders creating a culture of belonging; and how group coaching for leaders can uniquely shift behaviors and mindsets to build a more inclusive culture.

In this live event for HR, learning, and talent leaders you will learn:

  • What is the basic need for belonging?
  • Why belonging is so vital/the missing key to organization success, and how it plays into critical talent functions like retention
  • How to stimulate belonging for leaders in the workplace through group coaching
  • What is so important about the 13%?
Leaders Need to Belong Too: Use Group Coaching to Create Workplace Belonging at Scale 1
Lauren Morley Hutto
Senior Director, Coaching Excellence, Sounding Board

Lauren Morley Hutto, CPCC, PCC is a certified executive and leadership coach and senior director, coaching excellence, for Sounding Board. In addition to her team, Lauren also leads Sounding Board’s global network of leadership coaches. With nearly 20 years of experience as a clinical social worker, coach, trainer, facilitator, and board member, her professional life is about helping people facilitate change within a variety of different organizational settings in the public and private sector.

Leaders Need to Belong Too: Use Group Coaching to Create Workplace Belonging at Scale 2
Edwin Vega
Leadership Coach, Sounding Board

Edwin Vega is a certified executive and leadership development coach and facilitator. In addition to his work as a 1:1 and Leadership Labs Specialist for Sounding Board, he is on the coaching and leadership faculty at the Co-Active Training Institute and is the lead trainer for the Edge Foundation, an organization that offers executive function coaching to at-risk youth.

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