How to Develop Dynamic Leaders Through Coaching

Today’s leaders operate in a rapidly changing, complex and uncertain environment. This is why Sounding Board has moved beyond traditional models of coaching to coaching that accelerates development and elevates the leader’s organizational impact in the face of the unknown.

Join this Training Industry Leader Talk, sponsored by Sounding Board, where hosts Lauren Hutto, senior director of coaching excellence and Mary McGuinness, director of coach guidance and development, will share insights on:

  • Why traditional models of coaching may limit a leader’s growth and development.
  • How emerging models of coaching expand a leader’s thinking, perspective and beliefs about leadership.
  • How you might let go of some of the rules of coaching to help your coachee make “the big leaps” needed to be more dynamic in their leadership.
How to Develop Dynamic Leaders Through Coaching 1
Lauren Morley Hutto

Senior Director, Coaching Excellence | Sounding Board

Lauren Morley Hutto, CPCC, PCC, is a certified executive and leadership coach and senior director, coaching excellence, for Sounding Board. She oversees the strategic growth and delivery of Sounding Board’s coaching solutions, including the team and global network of leadership coaches responsible for delivery coaching to develop the world’s most impactful leaders.

With 20 years of experience as a coach, trainer, and facilitator in the leadership development space, Lauren has designed, developed, and delivered over 100 different leadership development programs in multiple industries. Lauren has coached leaders 1:1 and in group and team settings for more than 15 years from first-time people managers to C-suite executives within federal and state government, higher education, startups, and enterprise organizations.

How to Develop Dynamic Leaders Through Coaching 2
Mary McGuinness

Director, Coach Guidance & Development | Sounding Board

Mary McGuinness, M.Ed, PCC is a certified evidence-based leadership and executive coach, and director of coach guidance and development for Sounding Board. Mary currently oversees the mentorship and learning and development for a global network of leadership coaches responsible for delivery of coaching to develop the world’s most impactful leaders.

Mary has over 20 years’ experience directing workplace initiatives and developing leader and employee programs to create coaching cultures that improve collaboration, heighten employee engagement, and equip people to better navigate through the change, transitions, and challenges that arise in organizational life. 

Mary has been coaching individuals, groups and teams across all sectors. Her coaching is deeply rooted in a respect for individual values, beliefs, and cultures. She easily navigates the “big picture” strategy conversations as well as those thorny day-to-day issues that all leaders encounter, whether they are first-time managers or senior executives.

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