How to Revolutionize Leadership Development for Greater Impact

In the past 60 years, the world has become increasingly complex, but leadership development has remained largely stagnant. Traditional strategies for leadership development have relied on narrow definitions and paradigms that ignore crucial variables such as the leader’s identity, role, and organization. It’s time for a revolution — from how we define leadership to how we approach development.

This webinar will help HR and talent leaders:

  • Understand why leader development practices of the past century no longer work for today’s VUCA+ world
  • Understand how leadership coaching opens the door to breakthrough thinking and results
  • Move from the traditional focus on measuring activities to measuring and cultivating true developmental and organizational impact
How to Revolutionize Leadership Development for Greater Impact 1
Lori Mazan

Co-Founder | President | Chief Coaching Officer - Sounding Board

Lori Mazan is the co-founder, president, and chief coaching officer for Sounding Board, the first Leader Development Platform designed to bridge the leadership gap. One of the first 250 ICF certified coaches globally, she has spent more than 25 years coaching C-suite executives to develop critical leadership capabilities that have immediate and positive business outcomes. 

In 2016, Lori partnered with Christine Tao to launch Sounding Board as a feedback-driven, cloud-based leadership coaching platform that could deliver best-in-class leadership coaching, while lowering costs to make coaching affordable and scalable for leaders at every level of their careers.

Certified by the industry’s gold standard, the Co-Active Training Institute, Lori was a founding member of the Genentech Preferred Network of Coaches.

How to Revolutionize Leadership Development for Greater Impact 2
Lauren Morley Hutto

Senior Director | Coaching Excellence - Sounding Board

Lauren Morley Hutto, CPCC, PCC is a certified executive and leadership coach and senior director, coaching excellence, for Sounding Board. In addition to her team, Lauren also leads Sounding Board’s global network of leadership coaches. With nearly 20 years of experience as a clinical social worker, coach, trainer, facilitator, and board member, her professional life is about helping people facilitate change within a variety of different organizational settings in the public and private sector.

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