Accelerating Leadership Development

This webinar will address some of the key challenges HR leaders face in accelerating leader development. Key learning from this webinar will include:

During the past decade, as innovation, digital disruption and technological convergence has accelerated exponentially, some fast-growing companies have astonished the business world with their ability to expand and scale at an unprecedented pace. These “hypergrowth” companies are disrupting the business landscape, turning innovation in fintech, cybersecurity, education, health, IT and agriculture into a new generation of billion-dollar businesses.

Hypergrowth companies face a number of human resource challenges to support and sustain incredible growth, speed and scalability. They need to recruit significant numbers of new staff, and ensure that they have the necessary skills. They need to nurture a strong organizational culture, harnessing the company’s mission, purpose and values to motivate employees to thrive in a fast-paced environment. They need to establish agile systems and processes that create efficiency. Maintaining the rapid pace can create pressure and stress which, left unchecked, can lead to burnout. Having effective leadership in this environment is vital. That means hiring the right leaders to maintain company culture and investing in leadership development to ensure these leaders have the necessary skills to be successful. To be effective and meet the rapidly changing needs, leadership development must be dynamic, scalable and agile.

This webinar will explore how one hypergrowth company is accelerating talent development with leadership coaching. Chime is the biggest of a new breed of fintech companies known as challenger banks. They’re driving innovation, inclusion, and access across the industry – and experiencing incredible growth. Chime more than tripled its revenue in 2020. They are worth almost 900% more than just 18 months ago, when they hit a $1.5 billion valuation. They’re currently ranked No. 8 on the 2020 CNBC Disruptor 50 list.

Chime needed a leadership development solution that was agile, data-driven, and scalable. They introduced leadership coaching as a core component of their talent development strategy. The coaching program was designed to empower senior leaders with critical skills so that they could lead more effectively in Chime’s hypergrowth environment.

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