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Choose a 3, 6, or 12-month coaching package with two 50-minute sessions per month. Select your preferred start week (subject to availability) after purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Leadership coaching is a highly personalized form of professional development using an action-oriented approach. Coaches partner with you to increase self-awareness and generate insights, which can lead to lasting leadership mindset and behavior shifts.

Coaches use a combination of questions, tools, and leadership frameworks and content to personalize the learning experience for you. Leadership coaching is singularly focused on developing you as a leader within the context of your position and organization. Leadership coaching is not personal wellness coaching, health coaching, or life coaching — it is purely a form of professional development.

We ground our leadership coaching in behavioral science theory to support lasting mindset and behavioral shifts that propel leaders into their next level of leadership thinking. A few key areas our coaches focus on unique to our brand of coaching are:

  • Coach first, from the very first session.
  • Develop the person in the context of their leadership.
  • Shift the thinking of the leader to sustain a change in behavior.
  • Boldly level up the leader.
  • Elevate the leader’s organizational impact.
  • Illuminate and capture the leader’s development through technology. (We offer a feature called the Leadership Roadmap for you and your coach to track your goals and development).

Sounding Board has a globally managed network of certified leadership coaches. Our coaches are required to have completed an ICF- or EMCC-accredited coaching certification program, have 7+ years of leadership coaching experience, and have a minimum of 3 years of functional leadership experience themselves.

The higher the level of leader our coach is working with, the more leadership and coaching experience we require them to have. All of our coaches are specialized in helping leaders increase self-awareness and generate insights that lead to big leaps and lasting impact. In fact, 94% of leaders cite that their Sounding Board coach helped them achieve growth they wouldn’t have achieved alone.

Coaching sessions are 50 minutes long and take place virtually through phone or video conferencing. Your coach will start coaching from the very first session! Together, you’ll co-create a development plan and then you’ll leverage your sessions to uncover or create insights, actions, and results towards your plan. You’ll also be able to message your coach through our in-app chat anytime as things come up during your engagement outside of your regular sessions.
Knowing your leadership level helps us match you with a coach skilled at developing leaders with experience like yours. This allows us to focus on building the right level of leadership capabilities that will propel you into the next level of leadership thinking.
Sounding Board leadership coaching may be covered by your company’s benefits programs. Contact your HR stakeholder to find out more.
Pricing depends on the length of the engagement and the appropriate level of leadership coaching for you. We ensure we provide more senior leaders with coaches who have significant experience coaching – and working – at that leadership level, allowing them to understand their specific business context including role and industry. For that reason, our pricing increases as the seniority of the leader increases.
We recommend scheduling two coaching sessions per month for the greatest impact and transfer of learning. If you run out of sessions, you are always welcome to purchase another engagement. However, you must use all the sessions associated with a particular engagement before the end date of that engagement. Except in the case of emergencies as described below, no extensions will be granted to the end date of your engagement, and any unused sessions associated with that engagement will be lost.

You have 7 calendar days following your date of purchase to cancel your coaching engagement for a full refund, provided you have not begun your onboarding experience. No engagement cancellations will be issued on or following the onboarding date you have selected.

In the case of an emergent, unexpected family or medical-related situation, leaders can request a one-time-per-engagement pause. If granted by Sounding Board, this pause is for up to 4 calendar weeks, and the engagement length will be extended by the length of the pause. Once the pause has ended, the engagement will resume, and it is the responsibility of the coachee to utilize the remaining sessions in their engagement prior to the new engagement end date. Any sessions not used by the new engagement end date will be lost.

You have 7 calendar days following your date of purchase to cancel your coaching engagement for a full refund, provided you have not begun your onboarding experience. No engagement cancellations will be issued on or following the onboarding date you have selected.

At Sounding Board, a late cancellation is considered a cancellation that is initiated by the coachee with less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled date/time of their coaching session. During this window, the software only allows for cancellations, whereas outside of that window, the software allows the coachee to reschedule upcoming sessions. Any late cancellation initiated by the coachee will result in a forfeited session within their engagement.

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