Sounding Board to Extend Coaching Services for Marlow Clients

Sounding Board to Extend Coaching Services for Marlow Clients 1
Marlow customers will continue to receive coaching services through Sounding Board after Marlow winds down operations.

SAN DIEGO, CA, April 23, 2024 — Sounding Board, the leader transformation company, is excited to announce it will extend coaching service delivery for Marlow clients following Marlow’s decision to wind down its operations. 

Marlow will wind down operations beginning May 1, 2024. Existing customer contracts will be transitioned to Sounding Board, allowing for uninterrupted coaching service delivery. 

“We have the greatest respect for Marlow, their coaches, and their customers,” said Lori Mazan, president, co-founder, and chief coaching officer of Sounding Board. “Our top priority will be to ensure that each customer and coachee receives a seamless transition and continued impact from their coaching investment.”

Sounding Board is a tech-powered leader development company that provides coaching and mentoring program software, high-impact leadership coaching services, and strategic program design. Officials at Marlow stated that the decision to partner with Sounding Board was greatly influenced by the company’s well known reputation for quality coaching, commitment to customer service, and a strong internal team.

“We are honored that Mary Fox, CEO of Marlow, has entrusted Sounding Board to support its clients into the future, and we are delighted to welcome them to the Sounding Board community,” said Christine Tao, CEO and co-founder of Sounding Board. 

Mary Fox echoed Christine Tao’s sentiment and added, “The strength of our client relationships is a testament to Marlow’s account management and coaching team’s dedication over the last several years. Transitioning our customers to Sounding Board presents an incredible opportunity for our clients to benefit from an expanded suite of resources, award-winning software, and expertise, setting a new standard for leadership development.”


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Sounding Board, the leader transformation company, offers a tech-driven, human-centric approach to leadership development in a volatile world. With world-class leadership coaches and the most flexible software for delivering customized, measurable coaching and mentoring programs, our award-winning Dynamic Leader Development Suite accelerates the growth of leaders at all levels and empowers organizations to thrive through disruption and change.

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Launched in 2017 by Mary Fox Bouygues and Chelsea Seid, Marlow has redefined leadership development by providing tailored coaching services to managers and emerging leaders across more than 60 prestigious corporations, such as Adobe, Scribd, CircleCI, Hims & Hers, Fiat Chrysler, Driscoll’s, and Shopify. Backed by Jason Calcanis, LAUNCH Capital, Tribe Capital, and numerous angel investors, Marlow designed a scalable solution democratizing access to impactful coaching. Leveraging a design-thinking approach, Marlow crafts personalized coaching experiences that foster growth and innovation. 

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