2022 Bersin Report 1


Coaching for Success: A New Wave of Offerings for a New Breed of Leaders

Traditional development models no longer work in today’s ever-changing market. We need a new model — one that allows companies to engage and retain top talent, increase productivity despite fewer resources, and create leaders capable of navigating turbulent change. We’ve partnered with The Josh Bersin Company to unpack what this means for companies and their leaders.

The Six E’s of Leadership Development

Effective development strategies begin by defining leadership within your organization. From there, leaders need education, experience, exposure, and opportunities to receive feedback.

Coaching as a Keystone

Explore the central piece of the new model, cohort-based coaching, and how it enables leadership development at all levels of an organization.

The New Model in Action

Discover how companies like Conagra and Intel transformed their leadership development models to improve retention and engagement, increase capacity, and foster more, diverse and inclusive cultures.

Bridge the Leadership Gap

Bridge leadership gaps with the most flexible, customizable solution on the market.