Sound Bytes: Honest Connections: The Silver Lining of Leading Through Crisis – Featuring Mai Ton

Sound Bytes: Honest Connections: The Silver Lining of Leading Through Crisis – Featuring Mai Ton

Sounding Board Co-founder & CEO Christine Tao proudly welcomes special guest Mai Ton to Sound Bytes to discuss the effect on HR directors who are at the frontline of managing the pandemic on their organizations. They are weathering unparalleled impact to their companies while dealing with the toll of personal stress hitting their teams.

Mai Ton is a well-respected leader who has been the VP of HR six times for fast scaling startups. Her expertise in navigating change is revealed in this compelling and thought-provoking interview.

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Whether it’s employee churn, recruitment, attrition, retention or just promoting people without leadership experience to leadership positions because of fast growth, these issues can impact the bottom line. Because everyone needs a Sounding Board, our platform scales from individuals new to leadership positions, employee on-boarding, and the development of leadership and strategic skills from mid-level up to the C-level executives.

Our leadership development philosophy, based on adult learning theory, neuropsychology research and 25 years of frontline leadership development, focuses on shifting thinking, mindsets and belief systems to reveal a wealth of new leadership and managerial behaviors. The coaching process of changing thinking and perspectives creates long-lasting behavioral leadership changes that don’t degrade under stress or pressure. Sounding Board enables each individual to develop the foundation for impactful growth and lasting success.

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