Leadership Live with Laura Dannels

Chief Talent Officer of Wellstar Health System, Dr. Laura Dannels joined Christine Tao on Leadership Live to share insights on how organizations can derive the maximum value from digital transformations through leadership development. Below are some highlights from their conversation:

Cohesive Leadership Development Framework

Dr. Laura Dannels shares how Wellstar Health System has integrated a leader development framework that aligns across all levels, from supervisors to executives. This cohesive approach fosters a shared leadership vision and promotes collaboration.

Democratized Coaching

Laura explains how Wellstar Health System has implemented coaching programs for leaders at all levels, including senior management, DE&I officers, and clinical leaders. Wellstar Health System views coaching as a highly effective tool for driving behavior change, fostering collaboration, and supporting leadership development.

Flexible Learning

Not everyone learns effectively in the same way. Recognizing the importance of providing diverse learning options, Wellstar Health System offers various formats for leadership development, including virtual coaching, podcasts, and micro-videos. This approach caters to different learning preferences and enhances engagement with leadership development initiatives.

Wrap-Around Career Care

Wellstar has launched fully-funded career pathways to support employees in advancing their careers within the organization. The program, called Career Care, covers a range of roles, from janitorial services to healthcare positions, and aims to address talent shortages while providing opportunities for advancement and greater career fulfillment.

Integration at Every Level

Wellstar Health System aligns its leadership development efforts with broader strategic priorities, such as diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, innovation, and patient experience. This ensures that leadership development supports organizational goals and drive positive outcomes across the board.

Striving for Continuous Innovation

Laura emphasizes the importance of continuous innovation and collaboration in driving organizational transformation. Leaders at Wellstar Health System are encouraged to try new approaches, share best practices, and collaborate with others to drive positive change and achieve shared goals.

Deeper Insights

For Laura Dannel’s perspective in greater depth, read her guest blog here

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