Make This Your Big Leap Year

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With emerging technologies like generative AI, companies across industries are gearing up to make big leaps and bold transformations in the way they operate and function. Billions of dollars will be dedicated to these transformations, from technology to upskilling workers — yet many of these initiatives will fail. In fact, according to Bain and Company, fewer than 12% of transformations meet or exceed their goals.

Why do transformations fail?

McKinsey and Company found that a third of failed transformations occur because leadership fails to adopt the behaviors necessary to support the change. When leaders fail to support change, their direct reports are likely to follow suit.

When organizations plan digital transformations, they plan the digital part of it, they plan the execution, the tactical part of it. What they don’t plan is the change management part of it,” says author and Sounding Board co-founder Lori Mazan. “Those planning strategies very often don’t include anything about leaders or equipping leaders to be able to manage this kind of change.”

Behavior and mindsets are closely linked. As humans, we’re naturally adverse to change. For leaders to take the necessary actions to support change, their mindset needs to be shifted first.

This shift needs to happen fast to match the rate of change organizations face today. There isn’t time for incremental change — there needs to be a Big Leap.

So we’re challenging leaders at all levels to take a Big Leap in 2024. We’re calling it the Big Leap Year. Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing tips on identifying your Big Leap, sticking to your goals, and more.

What is the Big Leap?

All Sounding Board coaching engagements begin by working to identify the leader’s Big Leap — the jaw-dropping, breath-taking action a leader needs to take to uplevel their impact. We’re not talking baby steps here. We’re talking about climbing Mt. Everest of leadership obstacles — that thing that has been holding you back as a leader. As our co-founder Lori Mazan puts it, “If it doesn’t make you gasp, it isn’t big enough.”

Is it necessary? Yes.

Is it scary? Absolutely.

Get started on your Big Leap Year

We’re not pushing you off the cliff without a tether. Here are powerful tools to get you started to identify your Big Leap. 

LeadershipLive: Transformations and Big Leaps

Christine Tao and Lori Mazan discuss how organizational Big Leaps like digital transformations and integrating genAI won’t leave the ground without the right leaders.

Leadership Revolution Podcast Roundup

Check out Lori’s most recent podcast appearances where she dives deep into the Big Leap and how leaders can stick the landing.

Taking the Big Leap

Michelle Knight shares her recent Big Leap and how Leadership Revolution helped frame her journey and reaffirm her intuition.

Tell us your Big Leap

Join the conversation and the leadership revolution. Tell us what Big Leap you’ll be making this year on LinkedIn using the hashtag #BigLeapYear.

See Us in Action

See how Sounding Board is revolutionizing leadership development through its coaching platform.

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