Announcing our $13.1M Series A at Sounding Board

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When Lori Mazan and I started Sounding Board back in 2016 our mission was simple: to develop the world’s most impactful leaders. We came together determined to bring coaching to leaders at all levels, earlier in their career, when we felt they actually needed it most.

Although our mission hasn’t changed since then, pretty much everything else has.

Today, we’re excited to share that Sounding Board has closed $13.1M in Series A funding led by Canaan Partners. Canaan is joined by Correlation Ventures, existing investors Bloomberg Beta, Precursor Ventures, and learning luminaries David Blake (Chairman & founder at Degreed), Kevin Johnson (former CEO at Udemy), Ed Miller (former CEO at NovoEd), and Brett Queener (former President at SmartRecruiters). We are grateful to be on this journey with investors who’ve led transformations in learning and believe in the ambitious goal of democratizing access to impactful, personalized development at all levels in an organization.

And during a week of a change in leadership at the highest levels in our country, I’m reminded that leadership is more critical than ever before.

Sounding Board Inc Founders Lori Mazan and Christine Tao
Sounding Board Coach Enablement Platform ScreensSounding Board Coach Enablement Platform Screens
  • Personalization and adapting to how people learn drives deeper insights and development
  • The importance of an engaged community of highly skilled, closely managed coaches in creating consistency at scale
  • A focus on coaching towards leadership capabilities, outcomes and business impact drives outsized value


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