A Word (or several) to Honor Coaches

Sounding Board has been diligent in gathering an incredible group of individuals. These coaches have a genuine, deep-seated desire to help leaders grow to their full potential and an unrelenting thirst to continue their own professional growth. Earning more accolades, more certifications, more knowledge, and experience in so many ways.

Our coaches never cease to amaze. I look forward to connecting with them, both one-to-one and especially in large meetings; seeing a sea of faces on my screen. If only it could be more often because it’s not just about learning something new, it’s also about feeling something deeper or in a completely different light. 

When I attend one of the company coach meetings, I know I’d better pay attention and not be distracted or I might miss something crucial, or just some good laughs. There’s always random scenarios and questions posed in these meetings and, with so many individuals, there may be completely different ways of approaching similar situations with a coachee. Those differing approaches, opinions, and thoughts make my brain feel like it’s suddenly sparking, and a firework display of their words are lighting up my mind. As we break out into smaller groups of 3 or 4 to discuss the questions more in-depth, I find I’m thinking, I’m not a coach, how does this apply to me and how would I approach such a situation? But then I remind myself, I’ve lived a life. I’ve had experiences. I can relate to this scenario. And the smoke clears after the fireworks have calmed and I see, I do have an opinion. It may be a bit of what several coaches had said or it may be all me. Occasionally, in my small group, a coach may even learn something from me. That, to say the least, is gratifying! But mostly, I feel like a sponge hoping I’m big enough to soak up all of the knowledge being shared.

I’ve never encountered anything like our coach community. The sharing of resources and ideas enabling fellow coaches to succeed humbles and astounds me.  The appreciation I have for our coaches is boundless. Each one is painstakingly chosen for their exceptional professional and human qualifications who propel our clients and coachees to new heights as leaders. They, to me, are selfless, extraordinary beings in their own right and together are a force like no other!  While I write this to honor coaches during International Coach Week, they deserve our gratitude and thanks every day for their years of service on the frontlines of developing the world’s most impactful leaders.

by Susan Lightner, Finance Associate at Sounding Board

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