Overcoming the Biggest Challenges in L&D


Kip Kelly – Director | Sounding Board Inc.
Lori Mazan – Co-Founder & President | Sounding Board Inc.
Kathleen Kirkish – Executive Coach & Talent Development Consultant
Maryanne Spatola – Executive Coach & Talent Development Consultant
Learning Objectives

The challenges we faced throughout a global pandemic are not over yet. Not only are social distancing policies and work from home initiatives likely to stay in place until Covid-19 is fully resolved, but the ripple effects of all the change have created a brand new set of learning and development challenges. Many organizations are transitioning to a hybrid workforce, which will require a new set of leadership skills – and a new approach to learning and development.

As we transition from the health crisis to a fragile, uncertain recovery, we’re also facing an unprecedented skills shortage. A McKinsey report published in 2020 showed that nearly 90% of executives were dealing with skill gaps or predicted that they would be within the next couple of years. The shortened half life of skills has only been accelerated by Covid-19 and the change that has come with it. 69% of employers globally – a 15-year high – are struggling to find workers with the right blend of technical skills and ‘soft skills’. Maintaining a digitally ready workforce that can adapt to a changing landscape has become a priority for learning and development.

But with every challenge comes an opportunity to adapt, innovate and improve.

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