Designing Learning That Lasts

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But just because a learning program is fun doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effective. Too often, after a learning program, employees return to work only to quickly forget most of what they’ve learned.

The reality is that program participation, course completion and net promoter scores are not necessarily indicative of behavior change. Unless participants can remember what they learn, training programs are useless.

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Jon Thompson

Director of Learning Experience and Innovation at the Coca-Cola Company
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Jon has 20+ years in Talent Development as an Instructional Designer, Project Manager, Learning Consultant and Learning Leader. He has worked both in industry and consulting with organizations including: IBM, SunTrust, Deloitte, Leadercast, Neuroleadership Institute and EY. Jon helps clients focus on the design and development of effective learning architecture, learning technologies and behavior change solutions. Jon has volunteered on the ATD Atlanta Board of Directors for the past 2 years
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Mary Slaughter

Global Head of Employee Experience, Morningstar
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Mary is a seasoned corporate executive and experienced human capital consultant specializing in driving behavior change at scale for workplace culture, leadership, learning, and equity & inclusion. As a thought leader on applying behavioral science in the workplace, her articles can be read in HBR, Fast Company, Reworked, Quartz, strategy & business, Business Insider, Deloitte Press, T+D and CLO Magazines. Mary previously served on ATD’s Board of Directors and still serves ATD on their Annual Awards Committee.
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Kip Kelly

Director, Sounding Board
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Kip Kelly has more than 25 years of marketing and communications experience, with a focus on talent management, executive education, professional coaching, and leadership development. His expertise in diversity, inclusion, and the use of data and analytics in learning and development has earned him a reputation as an industry leader, having published more than 60 research studies and whitepapers, as featured in Chief Learning OfficerTDTraining IndustryHR MagazineFortune, the Chronicle of Higher EducationFinancial Times, and a host of other leading publications.

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