Bridging the Leadership Gap

Leadership demands today are incredibly dynamic. Unfortunately, the quality and quantity of leaders available are not sufficient to meet global marketplace demands. Worse, traditional leadership development is designed to work in homogenous and predictable environments, neither of which are applicable in the current work and macroeconomic environments. There are myriad leadership gaps that need to be filled, and we need a deeper, more impactful approach to leadership development to prep talent for the uncertainty and complexity they must deal with. 

In this webinar, Sounding Board Vice President, Kevin Rockmael, and Megan Wang, CEO for theboardlist will help learning, HR, and talent leaders understand:

  • What are the leadership gaps companies are facing today: talent development, retention and engagement, diversity and representation, succession planning, strategic thinking, etc.
  • Why do learning and talent leaders need to prioritize identifying and closing these gaps? 
  • What types of development offerings talent leaders should adopt to develop the new breed of leaders businesses need
  • Why leadership coaching, governance exposure, and board service should be evergreen facets of your formal leadership development strategy
Bridging the Leadership Gap 1
Kevin Rockmael

Vice President, Sounding Board

Kevin Rockmael is a seasoned veteran of the training and education industry. Currently serving as Vice President for Sounding Board, Inc., he has made his mark at many leading organizations in the field, among them Guild Education, Entangled Solutions, Kaplan, Intrax Cultural Exchange, and the UCLA Riordan MBA Fellowship program. Kevin sits on the board for Ingrate Advisors, which works to create inclusive employment opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum.
Bridging the Leadership Gap 2
Megan Wang

CEO, theBoardlist

Megan Wang is the CEO at theBoardlist, a mission-driven talent marketplace for diverse leaders to be recommended and discovered for board and executive opportunities. With more than 38,000 executives in-network and more than 2,500+ organizations having used theBoardlist to find talent, theBoardlist has been one of the original voices in the board diversity movement since 2015. Prior to theBoardlist, Megan led Global Operations at VC-backed ecommerce marketplace, Tophatter. There she helped scale the company from Seed to Series C, and built a thriving $200M+ sales and sourcing hub in China, establishing multiple international offices. 

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Bridge the Leadership Gap

Bridge leadership gaps with the most flexible, customizable solution on the market.