Behavioral Scientist, the “Secret” Hat Every People Leader Needs to Wear

You don’t need a graduate degree in social science to be a behavioral scientist. But as a people leader, behavioral science is a valuable asset you can add to your HR toolkit to help you future proof your business.

Building on the science of behavior design and change, join us to learn how you can bridge the knowing-doing gap, and diagnose why your learning tools or systems are being underutilized or not used at all. In this webinar, you will learn how to move beyond motivation to address cultural problems and how to leverage a multi-axis approach to create sustainable behavioral change.

During this webinar you will:

  • Understand what are five tensions that senior-level people leaders face today and how behavioral science can address them 
  • Learn a behavioral science-backed process you can use to evaluate your learning and development interventions
  • Access a customizable template and tools that you can apply and share with your teams to help them integrate behavioral science principles into your daily work


Iyad Uakoub

Iyad Uakoub

Senior Director, Behavioral Science

Iyad Uakoub leads Behavioral Science at Sounding Board. His mission is to connect science to practice, and tell evidence-based stories to fuel the company’s ongoing growth. He led L&D and People programs for three multibillion-dollar tech startups, and designed nationally recognized coaching and data insights interventions at Stanford, Purdue and the UN. He did his masters and doctoral research in organizational behavior, management, and psychology at Purdue, USF and Harvard. Iyad is also a fellow at Harvard Institute of Coaching, a Fulbright scholar and a certified coach.

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