Sounding Board Joins SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco for HR Tech Startups

We’re super excited to announce that Sounding Board was selected to join the Foundry San Francisco Winter 2019 Cohort! There were over 100 applicants, and Sounding Board was one of seven startups selected. This year’s cohort includes HR technology startups that are revolutionizing the industry through AI recruiting, microlearning, team development, and so much more!

“We are excited at the opportunity and privilege to partner with these amazing ‘rising stars’ of the next-gen HR ecosystem, and to support them by bringing the best of SAP to bear, as they build innovative solutions that deliver high value to SAP customers,” said SAP.iO Managing Director Ram Jambunathan.

We’re looking forward to working with SAP over the next three months and for this opportunity to learn and grow alongside these other incredible startups. Our vision at Sounding Board is to provide scalable, tech-enabled leadership development that drives more predictable outcomes for growing businesses. We believe that the most important companies in the space will be those that tap into the powerful data and context of the organizations and people they serve, and our partnership with SAP is a giant step in this direction.

Read more about the Foundry San Francisco Winter 2019 Cohort here.

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