To realign with its expanded offerings and to better serve its customers, Sounding Board has launched its Dynamic Leader Development Suite.


Sounding Board Inc. is proud to announce the release of its Dynamic Leader Development Suite, the most flexible and comprehensive solution on the market. The change better aligns with Sounding Board’s expanded offerings and creates a new category within the learning and development space: Dynamic Development.

The Dynamic Leader Development Suite offers customers unparalleled flexibility to build, manage, track, and measure programs around their organization’s unique needs. Sounding Board’s technology and human-centric approach to leadership development enables leaders to become dynamic and adaptable, an essential capacity in today’s ever-evolving environment.

“Coaching is one of the best ways employees learn, but is often limited to a small group of employees,” said Rebecca Wettemenn, principal at Valoir. “Sounding Board enables companies to cost-effectively scale coaching to a broader population while tracking tangible and intangible outcomes. It also supports “multi-modal” development programs, including mentoring and on-demand coaching and integration of other development content.”

“Traditionally, developing dynamic leaders would take years, even decades,” added Lori Mazan, Tao’s co-founder and Sounding Board’s Chief Coaching Officer. “But we’re accelerating that process through flexible, highly-personalized solutions.” By leveraging technology to drive higher-order abilities, the company offers a human-centric approach that supports impactful leadership growth.

Sounding Board provides flexibility through its adaptive software, enabling organizations to build, manage, and track multiple and varied development programs globally, including mentoring and coaching. The company has also opened up its service offerings to allow customers to utilize Sounding Board’s global network of coaches with their organization’s internal coaches.

Within the Dynamic Leader Development Suite, Sounding Board offers three products: Expand™, Guide™, and Transform™. Expand™ customers will gain access to Sounding Board’s award-winning adaptive software, which simplifies and reduces administrative hours and costs of development programs, including coaching and mentoring. Guide™ customers will receive access to the software and to Sounding Board’s global network of certified, experienced coaches for one-on-one and group coaching programs. Customers who want to utilize Sounding Board’s software and coaches, along with their own internal coaches and experts, will find the right solutions within Transform™.

“We are shifting from a closed platform that relies solely on coaches from one source to an open system that can incorporate internal, external, and even third-party coaches,” said Christine Tao, Sounding Board co-founder and CEO. “Other leadership development offerings on the market rely on point solutions that limit coaching to their own coaches and coaching methodology.”

Sounding Board will now offer a broader mix of solutions to build out the leaders and capabilities that directly correspond to the customer’s needs at hand. This includes mentoring, on-demand coaching, content-based group coaching, and more services to come. By offering myriad solutions, Sounding Board enables organizations to create dynamic development programs that break the traditional mold and future-proof their businesses amid volatility and uncertainty.

To provide additional support, Sounding Board has also launched the LinkedIn group Dynamic Leadership where coachees can connect with other clients and discuss their progress, challenges, and solutions.


Sounding Board offers adaptive software and people-to-people development. Backed by behavioral science, the company helps shape the dynamic leaders needed to thrive in today’s turbulent global market. Sounding Board’s award-winning SaaS technology delivers unparalleled flexibility, and its powerhouse roster of world-class leadership coaches leverage decades of leadership and coaching experience to accelerate the development of leaders at all levels. The company’s Dynamic Leader Development Suite enables organizations to bridge their leadership gaps, from talent development, attraction and retention, and diversity and representation to strategic thinking and succession planning.


Kevin Rockmael
Sounding Board Inc

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