Three Mindset Shifts To Help New Leaders Excel


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I often think of promoting an employee to a new executive or managerial position as what it’s like teaching someone how to drive. The driving student might have spent years as a passenger, watching others effortlessly navigate long distances and suspecting driving wasn’t hard. They might have even read every training manual there is and feel certain they’re prepared for any situation. But that confidence often changes the instant they merge onto a busy highway — when the car’s motion feels completely different from anything they had imagined.

At my company, we frequently work with clients who are entering management or leadership roles for the first time. If there’s one thing they can all agree on, it is that leadership is quite different from what they imagined as employees in ground-level positions. To prepare for this new role, simply reading books or training manuals isn’t enough. I believe you must adopt certain mindsets that help you tackle new challenges and avoid old habits.

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