Now Available: The Definitive Guide to Developing a Successful Leadership Coaching Program

The Definitive Guide to Developing a Successful Leadership Coaching Program

According to a report from Oracle, HR will be increasingly challenged to increase its strategic value and drive growth in the coming year. In fact, experts predict that strategic thinking will soon become HR’s core competency. As many HR professionals are planning and budgeting right now, this is the ideal moment to assess and prioritize growth initiatives. Leadership cultivation should be at the top of this list and coaching arguably the most powerful methodology.

Our whitepaper on The Definitive Guide to Developing a Successful Leadership Coaching Program offers key insights to aid HR professionals in their 2020 planning. It delves into the key components that make a leadership coaching strategy successful. We also reveal the five steps to plan a comprehensive leadership development program, as well as how to execute a successful roll-out.

A successful leadership coaching program offers major benefits for any team, including:

  • Access to a trusted, certified leadership resource for career development
  • Stronger soft skills, through training in communication, strategic thinking, and more
  • Improved team insights and better support for career development goals
  • Increased engagement and retention of high-potential leaders
  • Measurably positive mindset shifts and behavioral changes.

Our guide also explains how to maximize coaching ROI by linking professional development explicitly to business goals. We explain why it’s critical to partner with coaches who understand the cultural, operational, and business context of their coachees’ environment — this enables them to address the most meaningful pain points in your operation. When executed successfully, leadership coaching can actually grow your leaders alongside your business. 

Download the full guide to learn how you can develop a leadership coaching program for your business. And of course, Sounding Board is ready to can partner with you to co-design your modern leadership program. Reach out if you’re interested!

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