Making the Business Case for Leadership Coaching for Women

The global pandemic revealed the real crisis. The need for employers to think long term and do more to prepare women for leadership positions.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit everyone hard, but none more so than working women, who, by all reports, have been the most disproportionately affected. While many employers have tried their best to support and retain their female employees, by offering, for example, flexible work hours and work-from-home opportunities, women are continuing to leave the workforce in droves.

And the women who remain are struggling. They are experiencing increased stress, working longer hours, and are being overlooked for promotions. In addition, professional development has stalled and remains stagnant for many.

The short- and long-term impact on women and their organizations—especially in diversity and inclusion efforts and the leadership pipeline—is dire. Coaching has always been an effective way to attract, develop, and retain all talent. Now is the time for organizations to expand leadership coaching at all levels—and to invest in women in particular.

Workloads had increased during the pandemic
Feel the need to be constantly available from a work perspective
Are feeling overwhelmed
Their physical well-being had suffered
Coaching Women Helps Organizations

Coaching has emerged as a key development strategy during the pandemic, particularly for women. It is uniquely positioned to support women during uncertain times because it is flexible, timely, agile, and personalized. And because it is sustained over time, so are the outcomes. A study by the Institute of Coaching found that over 70 percent of people who are coached saw improved work performance, better relationships, and more effective communication skills.

Leadership coaching for women—and not just women in the C-suite, but women business leaders at every level—can help organizations deepen their leadership pipeline. It can also help attract and retain talent.

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The pandemic didn’t create the challenges and inequities that women face—it revealed them. It magnified them. Companies need to do more to meet this moment, to undo the damage from the pandemic, and to provide a better foundation for the future.

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