Leadership Studios: Knowledge Activation Through Group Coaching

Business professionals in a group coaching session,

Learning and development (L&D) programs are costly, but necessary investments for most organizations. In 2021 Forbes reported that 92% of employees think having access to professional development is important or very important, and employees with access to opportunities for development are 34% more likely to stay with their organization and be 15% more engaged than those who do not.

Unfortunately, learning and development programs often create less of an impact than desired. Studies have shown that adults have limited knowledge retention — what’s known as Forgetting Curve. Yet, if knowledge is applied shortly after it’s gained, adults improve their ability to retain what they’ve learned.

Group coaching provides leaders the space and opportunity to apply and retain the knowledge they’ve gained during training sessions — ensuring that L&D investments are well spent and show returns. 

Sounding Board’s latest service offering, Leadership Studios, helps organizations get the most from their internal training programs by providing group coaching centered around their existing learning and development content. Additionally, Leadership Studios can be configured to third-party leadership development curricula, allowing companies to leverage both group coaching from Sounding Board’s roster of experienced, certified coaches and content from their choice of learning vendor.

During Leadership Studios sessions, participants have a safe space to experiment and implement learnings from recent training and, most importantly, source fundamental ideas by collaborating with their peers to activate what they have learned to enhance their impact. 

Pairing training with Leadership Studios results in improved knowledge retention, immediate learning application, and higher engagement. Leadership Studios will offer two sessions per training module. Participants will work together with their coach to integrate the knowledge learned through training, and then experiment with activating that knowledge in the second session. 

  • Integration Session — Draws out key insights from training modules and identifies the mindset shifts needed to rethink leadership and performance
  • Activation Session — Targets in on the leadership behaviors and capabilities needed to take action, putting theory into everyday practice


Customers that apply Leadership Studios to their L&D programs will have access to Sounding Board’s award-winning software, which helps learning leaders, managers, and coachees track developmental goals and measure impact. 

With Leadership Studios, organizations can instill dynamic leadership capabilities that complement their training, and support the collaborative, knowledge-sharing, and relationship-building behaviors their talent need to create business impact. To learn more about Sounding Board’s Leadership Studios, email interest@soundingboardinc.com or request a demo.

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