Leadership Coaching Pulse Survey 2022-23

These days, senior leaders and managers need all the support they can get to lead more effectively. The global business environment is volatile, disruptive, and talent across industries are suffering from a lack of engagement, trust, and support from their companies as they navigate these marketplace changes. And that’s putting it mildly!

Leadership coaching is a proven learning solution to ease these kinds of challenges. But don’t take our word for it. We partnered with HR.com to launch a research project. The Leadership Coaching Pulse Survey ran from April to July, and we gathered responses from more than 200 HR professionals in virtually every industry vertical. Respondents are located worldwide, but most reside in North America, in the United States. 

Please take a look at the results. For instance, we’ve identified several factors that hinder leadership coaching success. It’s unfortunate, since 56 percent of managers surveyed believe that coaching is a crucial leadership development practice. 

Let us know what you think, and if you want to learn more about how our philosophy and practice of leadership coaching can have a measurable impact on your business, reach out to us for a demo of our Leader Development Platform. We’re happy to tell you everything we know.

Everyone needs a Sounding Board.

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