Sound Bytes: Introducing Leadership Labs Group Coaching

Leadership Labs: Group Coaching

Group Coaching, Not Training

Accelerate your teams’ agility, productivity, and leadership capabilities with a virtual, peer-based, interactive group learning model facilitated by coaches to stimulate leadership skills development.

So far, 2020 has been the year of dealing with constant change. Leaders in companies like yours have had to find new and improved ways to be agile and productive. No doubt, this is a difficult task for leaders at any level. Leaders need connection more than ever as they navigate rapid change. Learn how Leadership Labs Group Coaching connects your leaders virtually for deeper connections and development of critical leadership capabilities to lead remotely.

Sounding Board Co-Founders discuss how leaders can collectively explore and learn from others, creating deeper connections and actionable, long-term development of critical leadership capabilities.

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Bridge the Leadership Gap

Bridge leadership gaps with the most flexible, customizable solution on the market.

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