In honor of International Coaching Day

In honor of International Coaching Day (part of International Coaching Week May 4-10) Sounding Board salutes the integral role that coaches play in the future of work.

We thank these professionals for their passionate belief in coaching’s power to develop leaders for their organizations, communities, and the world. No other time in modern history has there been such a need for leaders to step up their game as guides, decision-makers, and visionaries.

In particular, we thank the coaches of Sounding Board who have emerged as the industry gold standard through our scalable leadership development platform, combining technology with their personal expertise to deliver data-driven, measurable leadership growth for global enterprises. We are proud of the work you do and are grateful for your dedication to serving our clients around the world, including several of the country’s “Best Places To Work.”

Because everyone needs a “sounding board” especially in times of crisis,  we recognize coaches during this day and every day for their dedication to helping HR leaders navigate change and help employees and their companies lead forward.

To learn more about Sounding Board’s extraordinary coach network and the virtual platform that delivers measurable business results, take a test drive here!

To obtain “Sound Bytes” to help you through these uncertain times, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Here is to thriving through change together!

In honor of International Coaching Day 1

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