Give Leaders Support When They Need It Most with On-Demand Coaching

Business woman receiving on-demand coaching

Coaches are an invaluable resource for leaders and their developmental journey. Coaching helps leaders make better decisions and increase clarity for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. 

Yet, critical challenges often happen between regularly scheduled sessions, leaving leaders rudderless when they need coaching the most. In these situations, real-time messaging with a coach may not be enough; leaders may need a full coaching session, but that isn’t always feasible within a standard coaching program.

On-demand coaching provides companies with another avenue to enable continuous development. On-demand coaching allows leaders to lean on a trusted outside perspective when needed. Instead of waiting for their next engagement, leaders can schedule an impromptu coaching session to address immediate topics or concerns. 

On-demand coaching also allows employees not currently enrolled in reoccurring coaching to utilize this valuable resource. This increases flexibility within existing developmental programs while supporting continued growth and upskilling. 

However, finding an on-demand coaching solution that is easy to implement and manage can be difficult for organizations and administrators. On-demand coaching typically requires a complex management process to ensure that coaches are available when needed and scheduling can occur quickly and easily.

Sounding Board is pleased to announce new functionality to its award-winning software that enables organizations to build, manage, track, and measure on-demand coaching. Using the Sounding Board software, organizations can provide talent with the support they need to keep work moving forward in real-time with expertise from their internal coach community. 

Organizations can now offer confidential, unbiased, and expert support that coaches provide for any employee needing it through Sounding Board’s Dynamic Leader Development Suite. Administrators can easily build on-demand coaching programs by adding coachees and coaches within a few clicks. Leaders can quickly schedule a coaching session on their dashboard whether they are a current 1:1 coachee, group coachee, or even if they are not currently participating in an engagement. Sessions are automatically tracked seamlessly alongside existing coaching sessions, allowing administrators, coaches, and coachees to measure engagement and view progress.

To learn more about the on-demand coaching functionality, request a demo today. We’ll walk you through the features and answer any questions you may have about building your own on-demand coaching program.

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