From Our CCO: Notes from The Burren Executive Leadership Retreat

Notes from The Burren Executive Leadership Retreat

The following article was originally published by Sounding Board Co-Founder and Chief Coaching Officer, Lori Mazan on LinkedIn. 

I am on a 10-day trip to The Burren, Ireland and I have never seen so much green.

We are trekking through grass that comes up to our knees. Back in the Bay Area I have left a team of new coaches in the hands of my capable staff;  choosing a critical moment to walk away from the business to put my head down into pints of beer, string music and meandering leadership discussions at the Burren Executive Leadership Retreat.

The last months have been stressful — full of excitement and despair, insight and exasperation, the clarity and unknowns, the opportunity and danger that comes with this precarious stage of our growing business. Even as a seasoned leader and executive coach, I’m learning more every day about leadership, growing my own edges as I grow this insatiable new company.

And yet here, surrounded by stillness, immersed in the shocking green and the wild untamable nature of Ireland, I feel myself returning to myself, settling into my own inner stillness, able to view my life as if from a distance, the slowly awakening clarity of being far away.

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