How it Works

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1. Contact us today to get more information and a demo of Sounding Board for your business
2. Setup a custom coaching program based on your company's vision, values and goals
3. Get matched with accredited, professionally trained leadership coaches

Develop your leaders

4. Personalized development plan created for each individual based on feedback and goals
5. Connect conveniently by phone, video or chat

Measure the outcomes

6. Track and measure success through a customized progress dashboard



Share feedback to
drive alignment

We collect comprehensive feedback including the company's vision, values and goals as well as individual goals and manager feedback.

Share feedback to<br />
drive alignment
Match to the right coach

Coach matching

Match to the right coach

Our proprietary coach matching system ensures your assigned coach(es) match your organization's culture and fit for your employees, with a 95% success rate on first match.

Development & progress

Personalize your
leader's development

Each individual creates a personalized, objective-based development plan, which can be shared with the individual's manager.

Personalize your<br />
leader's development


Communicate easily with
your coach

Bi-weekly (2x/monthly) sessions and chat enabled through Slack ensure continuous development and support for your leaders.

Communicate easily with<br />
your coach

Reporting & insights

Easily track progress

All users will have access to a Sounding Board Dashboard to keep track of success.

Easily track progress
Receive all the guidance<br />
and support you need

Account management

Receive all the guidance
and support you need

Our hands-on partnership guarantees the success of your coaching program from start to finish.

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Flexible programs for all leadership levels


Ideal for manager- and
director-level employees.
Coaching is geared towards new
or mid-level managers who are
early in their leadership journeys.


Best for vice presidents or
managers of managers. Coaching
is designed to elevate existing
leadership skills to the next level.


Best for C-level executives.
Coaching focuses on fulfilling
inherent leadership potential to
drive maximum corporate growth.