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Why is leadership coaching important?

In today's rapidly changing business environment, companies are growing faster than ever. Employees are more quickly promoted into management roles without adequate leadership training. But leadership isn’t a one size fits all approach — that’s where Sounding Board comes in. We deliver completely personalized development for every individual, targeted to their specific leadership needs. And we do this in context with your actual business and company environment to drive tangible outcomes immediately.

Fast Growth Creates Leadership Gaps

Fast Growth Creates Leadership Gaps

How will a coach help you?

Coaching is a highly personalized form of professional leadership development, with an action-oriented approach. Coaches partner with coachees to increase self-awareness and generate insights that can lead to lasting mindset and behavior shifts.
Coaches may use a combination of questions, tools, frameworks and content to personalize the learning experience for each person.

How will a coach help you?

Our expert coaches combine top notch coaching, business acumen and organizational savvy to truly become your leadership
"Sounding Board".

Sounding Board coaches are all industry certified and strongly vetted going through a 3 step qualification process and receiving ongoing supervision and development.
Many of our coaches bring a blend of practical expertise and operational experience in addition to their professional training, or they are career coaches with 10+ years experience and background in organizational learning/psychology, and experience at companies like Lyft, IAC, Genentech and Google to name a few.

Sounding Board coaches move along a tier system depending on the experience they bring with them, their experience as a Sounding Board coach and the ratings they get after each session with a Sounding Board client. All of our coaches have coached in a business setting and are trained through Sounding Board to coach so that each coachee learns within the context of their environment.

Our coaching philosophy

Sounding Board specializes in developing leaders, not just the way that works for the individual, but in ways that create deep impact for the company itself. This model combines developmental needs of the individual with the manager's feedback and the goals of the company to create an integrated yet individualized approach to leadership development that enhances the success of the individual and the company simultaneously.

Our coaching philosophy

Meet some of our coaches

Nathalie Assen https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathalie-assen-4b14775/

Nathalie Assen

With an extensive Corporate Strategic Marketing background and more than 15 years in Corporate Leadership Positions (Marketing Strategy & Branding), Nathalie knows what it takes to build and strengthen a brand and be a great leader. She has experience coaching clients in various industries including start-ups, tech, production, retail, and marketing and sales. Nathalie is driven by a relentless passion for authentic leadership and deep impact in her coachee's business environment.

Dave Huxtable https://www.linkedin.com/in/dave-huxtable-coach/

Dave Huxtable

Dave has led and developed diverse intercultural teams in education, technology and cultural relations in the UK, Latin America, Italy, Russia, and China, to name a few. He inspires leaders to maximize their potential and to lead high-performance teams where people with different backgrounds, experiences and personalities can contribute their best. Dave is fluent or conversational in nine languages, giving him a wide range of understanding for different cultures and approaches to leadership.

Mimi Watson https://www.linkedin.com/in/mimi-watson-6376a11/

Mimi Watson

Mimi has worked with over 500 executives across the technology, financial and food industries. She inspires leaders to build awareness of impact they have on others, helps them create the results they want and build lasting business relationships. She has coached leaders of all levels, from high potentials to executives, being sure to listen closely and ask questions before choosing an approach to best meet her client's needs.

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