Leadership Roundup… and come meet us at HRWest!


Next week we’ll be presenting at HRWest on our theme of “Growing Leaders during Chaotic Times“. In doing research for our session we came across a few amazing articles that we just had to share.

Who doesn’t love a great sports analogy?
John Donahoe, the former CEO of eBay, shares battle tested advice in this article from Stanford Business Insights. He provides some real-life insight into some of the key decisions he made throughout his career. Learn why he continues to advocate for a great life, not just a great career, and the importance of “taking swings”.

John Donahoe: Dump the Myth of the High Achiever

This second article talks about how to create the space needed in order to reach rational decisions. Think about when you’ve given advice to a friend, and how you could almost “see” how their emotions were impacting their decision-making. Why isn’t it that obvious when it comes to ourselves? We loved the simple idea of viewing yourself as a “friend” as a way to create that distance. Try it and let us know how it goes!

To Navigate a Challenge, Pretend You’re Giving Advice to a Friend

And finally, Come see us at HRWest 2017!

We’ll be co-presenting with Bob Huynh, VP of HR. Through tours of duty at Sprint, Slide (acquired by Google), Tapjoy and Viki (acquired by Rakuten), Bob has been through all the ups and downs of growing companies. We’ll discuss common leadership challenges in high-growth startups and share specific strategies and case studies from real-life companies!

March 7, 2017 1:50pm – 3:05pm at the Oakland Convention Center


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