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Transitioning into a manager was one of the toughest challenges I faced at Tapjoy, my last company, where we grew from 30 to 300+ people in less than 3 years. Luckily, our CEO had the foresight to have me work with an executive coach to help me successfully make that transition. It had such a profound impact on my career and professional development that I brought in coaches to work with the leaders on my team — but the company couldn’t support it long-term because of the high cost. Which made us think. How could coaching become more accessible and affordable?

We started Sounding Board with the goal of helping companies develop their next generation of leaders in a more personalized, impactful way.

Sounding Board leverages technology to bring personalized leadership development to emerging leaders. What does that mean? We’re building a software platform (complete with integrations into Slack!) that give you access to a real, professional, leadership coach — anytime, anywhere.

We like to think we’re democratizing what was previously a hard to scale, expensive, and exclusive development resource to more people, earlier in their careers — especially new managers, women, minorities & millennials. And we’re especially excited about the idea of helping more companies develop and retain the talent they already have.

Because deeper employee engagement = improved employee productivity = #winning.

Sounding Board is targeted to companies as a solution for their employees. But we’re interested in hearing from anyone who is curious to learn more. If you’re not quite sure what a leadership coach does and how they can help you, or you’re a coach who is curious about how you can participate, drop us a line at hello@soundingboardinc.com or sign up with your email to keep updated on all things Sounding Board!

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