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Coach Spotlight: Mimi


At Sounding Board we put a lot of time into recruiting and building a world-class coaching team. Our coaches leverage their varied backgrounds and rich experiences to drive their work with Sounding Board clients. We’re excited to give you a deeper glimpse into what makes them tick, and how you can benefit from working with them to push yourself in your career!

Mimi has been a corporate coach, trainer & facilitator for over 30 years and has coached over 300 executives and high potentials across the technology, financial and food industries. We were so excited to have Mimi join the Sounding Board team because of the depth and breadth of her experience and ease with which she engaged with clients.  Learn more about Mimi below!

Sounding Board: What’s your typical approach with clients?

Mimi: I love inspiring executives to build awareness of the impact they have on others.  My intent is to help them create the results they want and build lasting business relationships. I use a lot of listening in my approach, with a sprinkling of questions, before determining if advice or guidance is needed. Then we clarify action steps and follow up, to stabilize the progress we’ve made in their approach.

Sounding Board: Do you tend to find that your approach or style work well with any particular type of client?

Mimi: As long as you can be up front with me, we can work with anything you bring to the table, and create some options. I’m on a quest to create meaningful work by helping people tap into your full range of options so you can be your best self at work. We just need to be in the same conversation!

Sounding Board: What kind of clients have you mostly worked with in the past? Do you have any areas of specialty?

Mimi: As mentioned, I’ve worked across a variety of industries, from food to tech to finance. I have also worked with a large number of people in product, engineering or science-based roles. So I have a lot of knowledge around how product and engineering teams function, how to develop and lead technical individuals and teams. I was also on the faculty of the prestigious GE Advanced Facilitative Leadership Program, which addresses the needs for the next generation of leaders.

In terms of specialties, I have a few areas where I’ve developed expertise. The main areas would fall under: Coaching and Mentoring, TRACOM Social Styles, Group Facilitation, 5 Dysfunctions High Performance Team Building, Negotiation Skills (Getting to Yes), Change Acceptance, Political Savvy and Executive Presence.

Sounding Board: Can you share some specific areas you have helped clients with?  What are some of the outcomes of your coaching engagements that you’re particularly proud of?

Mimi: I’d love to! I worked with a wonderful VP in a bay area software firm. He was responsible for 87% of the employees, and was struggling to have difficult conversations and to give really complete, positive and corrective feedback to his people.  Over our coaching time he developed his style of addressing difficult issues so well that those conversations became one of his strengths, and the department’s productivity dramatically outpaced the rest of the organization.

Another client was a hard driving new comer to a Fortune 5 food company.  He was tasked with making a major change to his department to make it more efficient, but tended to alarm and irritate the people around him in this harmony-driven culture.  He softened his rough edges to the point where he was promoted to VP, and his team responded so well to his changes that they managed to save $100M in one year.

Sounding Board: How awesome! It’s amazing how much these “soft” leadership skills can really impact a business’ bottom line. And last but not least, tell us a little more about yourself! We’d love to get to know you better.

Mimi: I live in Northern California with my partner Randy and dogs Sophie and Kodi. I also love to ride horses and have a horse named Taji. I’m the daughter of an actress and a minister and the middle of 5 kids! I grew up in the suburbs of New York and started in business in the city but moved to California 20 years ago and love living in Marin County.  I’ve traveled the country and the world for over 30 years, delivering trainings and seeing new perspectives on life.  Lately I’ve been hiking different parts of the world with Randy.  And I’ve got a passion for learning—it makes me happy!

Sounding Board: We have to agree with you Mimi. Learning makes us happy too! 🙂


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