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Sounding Board helps growing companies develop their leaders through tech-enabled leadership coaching. We are a San Francisco based startup serving hundreds of clients around the world.

Companies are growing faster than ever before. Employees are rising in the ranks more quickly. Roles and responsibilities are constantly shifting. The only constant companies can count on is the need for leadership agility to handle any challenge.

1:1 Coaching has been a proven model for rapid, high impact leadership transformations. But it’s been expensive and hard to scale beyond the executive suite, but we don’t think it has to be.

By combining the best qualified coaches and software tools, we are giving companies the opportunity to provide personalized 1:1 development to any leader, regardless of their title. This win-win strategy means companies get immediate business impact and employees get developed and invested in.

Our founders

Our founders

At my last startup we experienced explosive growth. In less than 3 years we scaled to 300 employees with over $100M in revenues. I found myself leading a team as part of the executive staff. Lori was my coach and the partnership we had transformed my leadership. At the beginning of 2016 we set out to transform the way companies develop their leaders at ALL levels by combining the power of 1:1 Coaching with technology.

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