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Sounding Board is a leadership development platform that offers scalable, personalized coaching to help enterprises grow their next generation of leaders. We serve clients all around the world, including several of the country’s Best Places to Work.

The modern workplace is evolving quickly. With companies growing faster than ever before, demographics shifting to younger managers, and employees rising through the ranks more quickly, today’s enterprises need strong, inspiring leadership to guide them through these turbulent times.

Coaching helps new and experienced managers alike develop the leadership skills they need to fulfill their potential. Because only when leaders thrive can businesses fulfill their own potential.

The Sounding Board platform combines best-in-class coaching with enterprise-grade technology and our proprietary, outcome-based Sound Coaching Methodology to help companies develop new leaders and drive positive business outcomes.

Our founders

Our founders

As a young executive working at a high-flying startup, Sounding Board co-founder and CEO Christine Tao found herself leading a team as part of the executive staff. Although she was inexperienced, she partnered with Lori Mazan, a seasoned executive coach, to develop critical leadership skills, and she quickly thrived in her new role. Christine and Lori set out to transform the way companies develop their leaders at ALL levels by combining the power of 1:1 coaching with impactful technology.

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